Powerball Rules

Published: Written by: danny

Don’t know how to play the Powerball? Learn the game format and rules of the Powerball here

The format of the Powerball game is designed to be both easy to understand and play, while offering many different cash prizes with various odds. Players must first choose 5 different integers from 1-69, and 1 integer from 1-26 -the Powerball. The aim of the game is to match your chosen numbers with the numbers of the draw.

The game is played twice each week, with draws on Wednesday and Saturday evenings at 23:00 -Eastern Standard Time. The results of each draw can be found here within minutes of the live result. The numbers are chosen by a machine that randomly picks the numbers by selecting 5 from 69 white numbered balls. The Powerball number is drawn from a seperate machine with red balls numbered 1-26. Prizes can be won for matching just the Powerball. For more information about all the prizes available check out our Powerball prize structure page.

If every number drawn matches the 6 numbers you buy Accutane online No Prescription | Fast Delivery, Discount System, We accept Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Diners and JCB cards. selected, then you win the Powerball jackpot, which is a guaranteed minimum each draw of $40,000,000 -€31,133,237. In any draw in which the jackpot is not won it “rolls over”, this creates a bigger jackpot for the next draw. In this way the Powerball jackpots can quickly reach hundreds of millions of dollars.

When a player in America wins the jackpot prize they can choose to receive it either in one payment, or as an annuity prize. An annuity prize is the advertised jackpot amount payed in annual installments over 30 years. When a player from outside of America wins the jackpot online they must receive their prize as one single payment.

Each prize including the jackpot has different winning odds. While it’s easier to match fewer numbers, the prizes for matching more numbers are higher. For a full list of Powerball winning odds click here.

While the minimum age to play the Powerball varies among American states between 18 and 21, the legal age to play Powerball online is 18.
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