Powerball Winners 29th August

Published: Written by: danny

A closer look at the Powerball Winners from Tuesday's draw

The Powerball numbers 25, 28, 49, 54, 56 and Powerball 28 in Tuesday’s draw were not all matched by any winner. This means that this Tuesday players will be purchasing their tickets to win €64,022,453, the largest jackpot available this week though is Friday’s MegaMillions top prize of €66,413,396 which you could win from outside of the U.S.A if you purchase your ticket online.

In Tuesdays Powerball draw non-jackpot cash prizes were claimed by 386,276 players who won a total of €3,738,666. The biggest Powerball winners from the draw were 2 players, from Pennsylvania and Florida who are now €794,850 richer for matching just 5 main numbers. 22 players matched 4 main numbers for a third place prize of, 19 of which won €7948, while 3 of those lucky players chose the Powerplay option have won €31,972 each. The last of the significant prize winners were 1460 players who matched 3 numbers and the Powerball and 4 numbers only; 1179 of them have won €119, the remaining 281 who chose Powerplay will double their money to €238.

A winning ticket worth €1,589,700 purchased in Floyd County Virginia has not yet been claimed. The prize was won on the 18th of August matching the numbers 14,26,41,55 and 59. The player purchased the Powerplay option and lottery officials are looking for the winner to come forward before the prize is donated to charity.

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